What Are The Pros And Cons Of A Free Healthcare System

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Free always sounds nice, but there seems to always be fine print attached onto that word somewhere. Free healthcare sounds even better, but wait, there’s a catch somewhere. There is free healthcare in Canada and it seemed like the best of both worlds, but of course that is not the case. Canada uses something called central planning which is where the government makes the economic decisions – not the consumers or businesses (Ingrimayne). This is where the pros and cons come into effect and tradeoffs (compromises) have to be considered. With the healthcare system being “free” it definitely has its pros. Some of the positives of it are that people don’t have to pay for health care! It can be very expensive and take up a lot of income if ones health is not the greatest or they always have to be at the doctor for personal reasons. On the other hand there are some tradeoffs that have to take place for this free system. With the government having the upper hand on everything that happens with this system, it does not take into consideration the ramifications of …show more content…

The law of supply and demand has taken full effect. The supply of doctors is just not there. Some have even protested because they are overworked and paid less because there is no income coming in from the patients rather they are paid by what the government deems fit. I personally love the idea of free and never have thought this much about the other side of what happens when things are free. Supply runs out eventually and will have detrimental effects. Yes, everyone has different circumstances, and it can be hard to pay for healthcare. I do not think that following in the steps of Canadas health care system is a good idea. I think we could learn from them and try to be better and avoid those outcomes. Let’s use this as a learning experience and see what we might be able to do to better ourselves without hurting ourselves in the

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