What Are The Pros And Cons Of Common Core

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Common Core State Standards have been a hot topic for a few years. While both sides of the argument make valid points, often people lose sight of the greatest importance in the debate. The students. The children’s best interests need to be on the forefront of either side. Nearly all can agree that in education a national set of standards is necessary for this country. This is not the first time in history that America’s educational principles have been up for debate. The basic idea of common core is to prepare students for responsibility as a citizen in this society. Students must be able to read and distill complex sentences and must be equipped with basic mathematical skills. The actual impact the standards will have on education will not be revealed for several years, however it is thought that implementing a national set of standards will nothing …show more content…

Digging deeper into concepts and increasing rigor will enable our children to be competitive in today’s world and the playing field comparing our educational system to other countries will be leveled. Higher education has a history of complaining that students are not ready for college level courses and remediation classes have been necessary. Implementing common core could eliminate those classes while teaching students how to think and problem solve before leaving high school. An additional issue against common core is the financial burdens that could be put on schools and districts as a result of implementation. From purchasing newly aligned textbooks and materials, to updating technology in order to complete the standard assessment all online. With this assessment comes an increased value in the results. If the scores are compared nationally it is assumed that already high-stakes testing will only get higher by opening up “Pandora’s Box” of national assessment

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