What Australian Fashion Retailers Can Learn from Zara's Product Management Process

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What Australian fashion retailers can learn from Zara’s product management process to improve their business
Australian fashion retailer these days are facing a huge struggle by selling over-priced clothes. However, the globalization has poked Australian retailers to found themselves in the midst of an international fashion invasion, while the markets found themselves starstruck on the attractiveness that international retailers offer.
The condition of Australian fashion retailers have been under-serviced and underwhelmed when it comes to fashion choice, especially in affordable variety (Wells 2013). There are only numerous fashion labels are available to dress 23 million people. In addition, the price cannot be compared to international brands’; the volumes produced by big international retailers like Zara and H&M are to service global market, unlike Sportsgirl or Country Road who produce much smaller volumes.
This does not conclude that Australian fashion retailers will not survive in the near future, although it does make some of them to stand on their toes. Domestic retailers are forced to turn around their fashion clothes much faster to avoid the merchandise cannibalizing by Zara. On the other side of the card, for being fast fashion, Zara may also meet its peak of a slower consumption. Consumers have now become aware of the impact of fast-fashion that may harm environments and work ethic. Even though, Zara has anticipated the issues by coming up with their

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