What Characters Do We Meet In Jane Eyre And What Are They Like?

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What Characters Do We Meet in The First Four Chapters of Jane Eyre And What Are They Like?
First, we meet Jane, she is a smart, quick-witted girl who seems to be on a journey of becoming a strong willed young woman. She lives with her aunt and cousins who spend their time oppressing Jane. Aunt Reed seems to see Jane more as a nuisance that has been laid on her by her late husband. John Reed seems to be one of the main oppressors along with his mother, he both physically harms Jane and verbally abuses her. Georgiana and Eliza seem in the background of these first chapters, they do not seem to like Jane either. While Jane is being abused by their brother they do not take Jane’s side but instead John Reed’s.
Bessie seems to be the only kind one to Jane singing her songs and stories and showing her love. Bessie is the maid at Gateshead along with Abbott who is not very kind to Jane. Mr. Lloyd is Janes doctor after she faints from being in the red room, he is kind and listens to Jane and suggest that she goes to school. finally, we meet Mr. Brocklehurst who is the head master at Lowood who seems to be a cruel man who suggests that Jane is a bad child with barely even eyeing her.
What Are the Living Conditions Like at Lowood?
Lowood is very close to not survivable, when the food is edible, which isn’t often it is lacking in flavor and nutrients. When the food is inedible the children must wait until the next meal to eat unless one of the teachers Ms. Temple decides to feed the

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