What Did You Learn About Organizations, And / Or The Behavior Of Individuals Within An Organization? Essay

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Discussion Topic #4 Prompts
Prompt #1: What did you learn about organizations, and/or the behavior of individuals within an organization? How do the ideas presented in Part Four (the Political Frame) of the B&D textbook enrich your understanding of the ways in which organizations and the people working in them function?
I learned from the reading that it is unrealistic to think that politics are not a natural part of organizational norms and it is difficult for individuals to not participate in the political frame. Often we view politics from a negative view, however there are positives to the political frame. I know I talk about this often, however when I was in the military that was the biggest political ecosystem I have been apart of. I would say from my experience, the politics was seventy percent positive and thirty percent negative. Even though my unit had the same ultimate mission, it was each section’s interest and agenda that created the political arena. The majority of the time the political agents were goals that would make the individual look good so they could obtain more power or rank. For example, I was competing against seven other individuals to try to pick up rank and assume the position as the battalion ammunition chief. The way I was able to achieve that goal was due to the fact that I used coercive power, information and expertise, in addition to my positive reputation within my MOS. Another positive aspect of politics is everyone becomes skilled in
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