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Now that this class is over I can honestly say they were good and bad things about it. At first, I was trying to get out of it and change classes, but that was not going to benefit me in any way now or in the future. It has been a learning process for me because I was doing things incorrectly and Dr. Gates tried to help me see that. Old habits are hard to break and I am still learning.
This class has been very beneficial to me for many reasons. I am thankful to have had the chance to attend this class and be apart of such a great group and a wonderful instructor. There was a lot of new information introduced to me that I did not previously know or have experience with. It is always a plus to take a class and gain much-needed information. Anyone that has plans of working in the business world will need this class.
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There were many writing assignments that took up a lot of time, but it was worth it. The assignments made you think about things from a different perspective than you could originally had. The people that work in the business field already probably had a heads up on a lot of this material and that is great. However, I am a small business owner and have not worked in a big corporate office. Maybe later on down the line that will be in my future, but I have my hands full now with a 60 hour work week and attending school full-time.
The instructor was well organized and professional in everything he did. He was helpful and tried to assist whenever he could with questions, comments, emails, and additional comments on my work. The comments helped me see what I was doing wrong and he tried to help me correct them. This is a learning process. Now that the class is over I have mixed emotions about the things I did incorrectly, but I am working to improve them
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