What Do We All Everyday That Is And Can Be Consumed Weekly? Coca Cola Products

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December 9, 2014 What do we all see everyday that is and can be consumed weekly? Coca cola products. This product has had a major change and developments throughout past years. For some, it is just a soda that people waste money on. For others, it is a drink that they rely on. For people like me, coca cola is just a product we have here and there. Coca cola exist almost everywhere, and if it does not exist, then some people are out of luck, depending on how you think of it. A man by the name of John S. Pemberton, was a very respected member of the states medical establishment. He lived in Rome, Georgia for almost 30 years. While he went to school, he studied pharmacy and medicine at Reform Medical College of Georgia in Macon. In 1850, …show more content…

Prohibition took place in 1886. Therefore he had to substitute the cocaine for sugar syrup. Therefore the drink was just for pleasure. The prohibition ended in 1887, and he put his son in charge of the manufacturing of the coca cola. They then produced French Wine Cola. He sold his drug store and retired. After he retired, he then focused mainly on promoting the drinks. Who knew that this little invention would last a lifetime? Pemberton had not known how to start advertising . A slogan. He came up with a design and a slogan to start him off on the right track. His slogan was “The Pause That Refreshes.” The coca cola did not start off very well the first year. To make everything seem much worse, Pemberton died in August 1888 just close to two years after the start of this new beginning and not being able to see his new commercial he was striving to see. Asa Griggs Candler also grew up in Georgia. He was the eighth child in his family. His father was a well-established merchant and a property owner. The war ended the wealth in his family. They went into poverty. He started his schooling on his fifth birthday and ended it when he was ten. Later on when he started school again, he knew that he did not have enough money to go to school as a pharmacist, so he went as a druggist. After the death of Pemberton, Asa Griggs Candler took over this new striving business. As a helping block to make this product known, Asa used

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