What Do We All Everyday That Is And Can Be Consumed Weekly? Coca Cola Products

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December 9, 2014
What do we all see everyday that is and can be consumed weekly? Coca cola products. This product has had a major change and developments throughout past years. For some, it is just a soda that people waste money on. For others, it is a drink that they rely on. For people like me, coca cola is just a product we have here and there. Coca cola exist almost everywhere, and if it does not exist, then some people are out of luck, depending on how you think of it. A man by the name of John S. Pemberton, was a very respected member of the states medical establishment. He lived in Rome, Georgia for almost 30 years. While he went to school, he studied pharmacy and medicine at Reform Medical College of Georgia in Macon. In 1850, at the age of 19, Pemberton was licensed to practice on Thomsonian or botanic principles. Five years later, he established a wholesale retail drug business specializing in materia medica.
Everything that Pemberton tried to make and invent ended up failing, but in 1886, his dream came true. He brewed the first mix of this drink in his own backyard. He created a syrup. Not a medicine syrup, although he sold it as a drug and it had cocaine in it, it turned out to be a consumable, everyday, drinking flavored syrup. Pemberton created coca cola to be a cure to calm people down. It was also supposed to cure ailments. Originally, coca cola had cocaine in it. It continued to be in the drink until early 1900’s.
Like I said earlier on in the…

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