What Does Feminism Means Today

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However, despite what modern feminism should consist of, slow progress is being made. Yes, there are organizational groups that advocate women’s rights, directly or inadvertently, such as Planned Parenthood. No, that does not mean that feminism is advancing in modern perspective and no, feminism does not have the reverential reputation it should have. Factors such as the exponentially increased power of the media, exposure to violence at an earlier age, and the existence of an Internet where both considerate and ill intended opinions can, and will spread make up a disastrous formula for social chaos. This issue existed since a decade ago, and has only grown more prevalent, shown through an article titled “What Feminism Means Today”, by APA…show more content…
We can advance into a new, modern age of fair and just perspectives, but we must remember our past isn’t something to be forgotten. Not to mention, many of the men’s rights activists are more concerned with pushing back the feeling that they’ve become the scapegoats than they are with actual equality. “Essentially, the issues they bring up are little more than an excuse or an opportunity for them to attack women and blame women for pretty much everything that goes wrong in the world.” (Frutelle). There is good intention behind the creation of the ideal that is meninism, but it has also come to carry much fault.
Feminism, to me at least, isn’t about being the fastest or the best in countering a sexist comment or commenting at all. It’s choosing to overlook that crushing negativity and holding your head up high as if you were saying ‘I am a human and I am proud of all that makes me who I am’. So much of today’s views on feminism is encompassed by the belief that humans are complacent with one status beyond the scope beyond control only to highlight another, but if this search has taught me anything, it is that equality is a right that everyone deserves, no matter where you came from, or
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Similarly, the ideas of meninism and ‘feminazi’ exercise loose control over the ignorance of inequality and create this idea that a few radical feminists voice the opinions of an entire movement. Thus, logic is thrown out the window and one is crowned greater than ninety-nine. There is still a very real problem and a very real need for a solution, and by choosing to pour the spotlight over a significantly less important issue, the justified cries of disparity are silenced, but the injustice is still there, even more palpable and even more
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