What Does Innovation Mean?

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When asked “what does innovation mean to me?” Initially the understanding of the term innovation meant to address a challenge or task by being creative, thinking outside of the box and being resourceful in order to overcome the challenge or complete the task. However, Gregerson (2012), describes innovation as “a new idea that creates value vs. creativity, which can bring a whole series of new ideas, which may not create much value for anyone”. One set of outcomes that was measured to justify this concept was whether an idea started a new business, whether it created a new product or service and whether it created a breakthrough process. Was the idea new and different and did it bring financial success? (Gregerson, 2012). I found this to be interesting as it brought about a different prospective, insight and understanding of what innovation truly meant. It is more than just creativity and more than resourcefulness. It is a combination of behaviors and skill sets that contribute to the idea of innovation.
According to Gregerson (2012), he along with Dyer and Christensen conducted 100 interviews of top innovators such as Niklas Zennstro¨m, the founder of skype and Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon in an effort to explore the characteristics of creativity in businesses. When they asked questions such as “How they got their idea, what was going on, whom they were talking to, what was the situation etc.” (Gregerson, 2012). They realized that they were engaged in a number of the…

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