What Does Personality Predicts Employee 's Performance?

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2. To what extent does personality predicts employee’s performance? Personality measure are increasingly being used by managers and human resources professions to evaluate the suitable of job applicants for positions across many levels in an organization (Goffin & Rothstein, 2006). This essay objective is to measure the extent about the personality that estimate employee’s performance. The term personality can be describe by the physical appearance and also by intellectual quantities. Physical appearance that helps to differentiate the unique character of people and the intellectual qualities is related to think in a logical or in clever way. The specific intellectual or physical abilities required for adequate job performance depend on …show more content…

It reflect a very positive character in daily life mainly in the work place. The personality of individual required the kind of work that the individual want to do and if a person has a good personality then they will attract the good feeling of the people in the environment where the individual is working. Personality is also related to job performance and career success and identifying the personality of workers in organization can play a vital role in helping managers to manage employee’s performance so that it leads companies to increase their productivity and effectiveness. Mainly the job performance of employees play the vital role in companies and it is by their personality which has a positive attitude along with friendly behaviour and confident in an individual. The person with the positive attitude will be able to increase emotions if it is required in company and a friendly behaviour will carry motivational processes that facilitate relationships between personality and a great role in work place. Moreover, confident in individual predicts employs performance it is the weapon of the employees to success in the company and building the confident at work can ultimately mean more promotion. And this personality of employees significant to successfully encourage them and foretell their performance in different environment and conditions. There is include of perceived personality of an

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