What Does Sports Fan Stand For?

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Everyday there are competitions in sports going on. Thousands of people gathered around to watch that one sport they truly love. Those people are called “sports fan”. What does sports fan stand for? According to Oxford English Dictionary the word “fan” means “A fanatic; in modern English (orig. U.S.): a keen and regular spectator of a (professional) sport, orig. of baseball; a regular supporter of a (professional) sports team; hence, a keen follower of a specified hobby or amusement, and gen. an enthusiast for a particular person or thing.” In that case a true “sports fan” is someone who just doesn’t stop talking about that one sport, only wears that one sport team jerseys and if he has a son or daughter he’s going to want them to play or support that one sport he truly loves. My dad is a great example of a “sports fan”. He does not know when to stop talking about soccer. One day I remember we were going to a party. And a party is a place where you have fun and get distracted from your everyday life. Well I saw my dad talking to his friends and I went over to see what they were talking about and the first thing I heard was “did you see that goal last night”. I told them is the party that boring? Because all they did was talk about soccer. And my dad responded saying “soccer is life son one day you will understand why that’s all I talk about.” When he said that I left and went to go dance and have fun and when I came back they were still talking about soccer. I just couldn’t

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