What Gives People a Purpose in Life? Essay

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Many people have an opinion about the overall nature of the universe and about the role which humanity plays in the universe (Taylor, 2003). For example, “Why are we here” and “What will happen to us after we die?” The majority of us don’t know the answers to these questions. Thus, many people want to belong to a religion because it gives them a sense of security in the universe. It may also provide guidance in their life. I assume it’s easier to live with some sort of explanation, even if it’s incorrect. When asked, “What religion do you practice?” I reply, “I am an atheist.” I simply lack belief in deities. However, many people have preconceived ideas about what I am and what I am not. People often assume I don’t believe in God or that …show more content…

I enjoy interacting with other people and I am always mindful of how my actions could affect my life and others.
Everyday atheists encounter many difficulties. It was my choice to become an atheist, but I don’t have any desire to sway others to become atheists; it’s their choice. One of the things that is difficult for me is when religion is discussed with strong-minded religious people. I understand people are entitled to their own opinions and I don’t think someone who believes in a god is wrong. However, I dislike when others are stereotyping me as a sinful and wicked person just because I am atheist. Although I try to value others opinion, it is difficult to defend to my position to others without seeming rude or hostile. Another thing that is difficult is when people try to preach their religion to me. I understand some religions teach that their religion is the only truth, and they want everyone around them to embrace it. However, it is difficult to tell a person that you don’t believe in their god without offending them and receiving negative comments in return. I am mindful that no matter how much I voice my opinion people are going to believe what they choose to believe in. As I encounter these difficulties more in life I begin listening/asking questions about other people’s beliefs. I like to remain an open-minded person because it allows be to learn and adapt to new things.

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