What I Know of Myself: Human 7859801 Essay

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I can't tell you much, because I don't know much. I know I'm called Human 7859801. Shilie, my keeper, calls me that all the time. I know I don't belong here. When I turned three I started attending school with a few of the other humans. Miss Carson was a human that they got to teach us everything we would learn on Earth. The studies they had us learn are super hard like algebra and social studies. I find them quite boring. The only thing I take intrest in is art, and we don't have it in my grade level. Today is the last day of school before Exames. We are tested on how we developed and on what we learn in our classes. If you don't score high on the Exame you are sent to Ridller. A place which all humans who prove to be "slow" or "mentally …show more content…

"Um...", I started but then decided aginst it. "Your being studied today on how you act with out your medicine", Shilie announced as she felt my confusion. I nodded my head in understanding even if she couldn't see me. Once we got to the classroom she swiftly turned to face me, but in the process making me stumble back. She gave me a wide smile as she clapped her hands together. "I have wounderful new", she stated as she puffed out her chest, "I'm retiring." My eyebrow shot stright upto my forehead. Then after I gained my composer I gave her a weak smile. "Wow", was all that I had thought to say. "Yeah", she sighed dreamily. I rolled my eye slightly at the sight. "Well you will have a new keeper. Don't ask me who because I don't know. I do know it will be a trainee keeper so I will have to stick around and show them the ropes and how to handle you." The whole time she blabbed I was fidgeting with my hands and not really focusing on her. "... Now get in class", was all I heard from her. I turned the knob on the door for it to open. It wasn't a big room it was quite small really. It was set up with a large black wooden desk in the front of the class for the teacher and little baige desks for us pupils. I sat in the back on the left side as I always do. There weren't many people here yet but Miss Carson always waited until the rest of us got rowdy. Today we didn't have to wait long

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