What I Learned About Myself Essay

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This class has taught me a lot about myself in such a brief period of time. I never thought I could dig as deep as I did, and have a better understanding of who I am as a person just by writing a single essay. I was not expecting the amount of self-awareness that I gained through this class. I really enjoyed the hermit crab essays, because they really guided me to find my true feelings. It was hard for me to get started writing at first and then once I got started, it was almost impossible to stop. I love the feeling that I am in control of what I am writing and there are no restrictions and that I can be vulnerable in my writing. This class really helped me show the vulnerable side of who I am. I was sometimes moved to tears while I was writing because, I realized things about myself that I never thought to be true before. I would get so excited that I would read it to my boyfriend, family and friends. This class was in no way easy, but it was definitely worth it for many reasons. I learned how to become a better writer, I learned about myself as a person, and I constructed pieces of writing that I didn’t know I was capable of. Some assignments became easier as time went on because I became a stronger writer. However, I think the hardest one for me was having to write about the room I was in. It didn’t interest me because it didn’t help me dig deeper into my feelings or anything of that matter. I also didn’t enjoy having to respond to different pieces of writing, because it

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