What I Learned And Acquired From The University

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I had the opportunities to utilize my knowledge and skills, which I have learned and acquired from the university. It was a great experience and a chance for me to approach and have a real feeling with the actual patients. They gave me feedback about my communication and problem solving skills, which I think is very important in the nursing career. I found that there were many situations, which taught me valuable knowledge that I can never learn from books or university. Every placement provided me valuable experience. Now I can be confident in my communication skills and decision-making, as these practices have taught me the way to approach and talk to patients. These have given me a place to apply my critical thinking skills into the real situation. For instance, during my first clinical placement in a rehabilitation inpatient ward at Westmead hospital, I have learned from my facilitator and registered nurse, the importance of making a decision to administer pain relief medication on a patient with dementia, who is experiencing pain and cannot report pain to nurses due to their declining brain function and abilities (Abbey, 2011). Mrs. Wu was one of my 4 patients, which I needed to assist at the time. Mrs. Wu was 77 years old women with history of severe dementia and depression. She was admitted to the rehabilitation ward due to risk at home when she was alone. During the shift, she had not been complaining of pain. But when I observed her in the activity room, Mrs. Wu

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