What I Learned From This Experience At The Lenox Road Baptist Church Essay

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David Beck says, “To minister means to love and care for others. It means to attend to their spiritual needs. Put simply it means to do what the Savior would do if he were here.” It is truly an honor and a privilege to be able to serve in ministry. Being called to serve is not something I take for granted because life is too short and what you do in the time God has given to us is important. I would like to reflect on the ministry assignments I have been given over the past few months and talk about the goals that were completed. I will also look at how the site supervisor assisted me in achieving the goals, the difficult part of the journey, the different plenary sessions and what I learned from this experience.
For the past few months I was assigned to do ministry at the Lenox Road Baptist Church, which is located in Brooklyn New York. My site supervisor is the Rev. Dr. Kirkpatrick Cohall who is the senior pastor of the church. I was given several assignments to do in the church which consisted of preaching, teaching, planning, and counseling. I am happy to say I was able to complete each assignment I was given successfully. Was it an easy task? No, but because of the support of the site supervisor it made it easier.
From the time I started the assignments Rev. Cohall was very encouraging and supportive by making himself available to answer any questions or concerns I may have. One of the jobs of a pastor is to lead the church in bible study each week. I was

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