Essay about What Is Abnormal Psychology? What Is Normal Psychology?

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What is Psychology? In my research of Psychology and its meaning I have come up with many definitions. To sum all of the definitions into one it’s the study ones feelings, thoughts, and their way of thinking and using all of there senses rather its cognitive, physical, or mental. Some other questions that came to mind during my research are what is normal psychology and what is abnormal psychology?
What is normal psychology? Most people consider one to be normal if they seem

to have no problems physically or mentally. Are you O.K. the way you are? Should you

be different? Most of us tend to roles that are acceptable behavior in society. Society

expects us all to play …show more content…

In Health and Science guide it’s said the recent speculation and discoveries are relating mental illnesses to chemical imbalances in the brain and /or body. Beginning in the 1950’s a new class of drugs put on the market allowed many people with mental illnesses who otherwise would have been hospitalized to be treated outside of hospitals, and to live much more normal lives. Other research has shown that if a person has a history of family members who have mental illnesses, he or she may be Monroe likely to contract the illness. Present genetic research should soon allow us to better control many frustrating mental illnesses.
Although people with mental illnesses might feel alone in dealing with their problems, like most us do when dealing with problems whether its classes, test, family, or whether you are going to pass your PSYCHOLOGY CLASS it still affects a lot of us as a society. On November 17, 2000 I spoke with a professor of Psychology at Oklahoma State University Dr. Thathcher gave me some shocking statistics: Mental illness affects one in five americans and 20 percent of the population and is second to heart disease in causing premature deaths and lost of productivity. Despite more than a century of study, the mind still seems to resist our best efforts to find its secrets. While we’ve learned much about certain functional aspects of mental illness, anxiety and depression are ones we still don’t

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