What Is Art Awareness?

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In 2010, Saginaw County in Michigan is home to about 200,00 residents but the city of Saginaw is home to about 52,000 people. In Saginaw County the population is broken down as 70.5% White, 19% Black, and 7.8% Hispanic/ Latino. In Saginaw City the population is broken down as 37.5% White, 46.1% Black, and 14.3% Hispanic/ Latino (Census Bureau, 2016). The high schools in Saginaw Public School District are majority black, filled with the Black youth of Saginaw City. The schools in the townships of Saginaw are majority white, filled with both white residence in those townships and white residence in the city. Comparing the demographics of these two entities is important because many times in the city, a target audience is claimed without …show more content…

The art series “The Color of Your Voice,” is a great way to spark conversations for this audience. The art collection discusses topics of race, discrimination, and how linguistics plays role in racism. There are three main artworks that encompasses the overall theme of the series. You Hear is a piece that depicts the experience of being a Black person on the phone. It hits on topics such as phone and housing discrimination, redlining, and policy. At the art gallery, this piece can be an avenue for Black people to discuss their experience with trying to get equal opportunity but being denied due to their speech. It is also a way to challenge the subconscious discrimination over the phone that they face from people in power, like employers. This sparks discussion on the institutional barriers set up against black people. White people wouldn’t work on not judging people by the way they speak if they haven’t really considered that they were discriminating based on what they heard over phone.
The second piece, You See, is about the color of your writing voice. This piece discusses topics relating to education, writing styles, resume discrimination, social media discrimination, and how people are seen on paper and screen. The third piece, I Taste, talks about the bad taste that is left in Black people’s mouths when someone says things like “You talk like a

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