What Is Bonnie Owens's Journey?

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In 1956 Mr. H married Leona Hobbs, who he has four children with. After being released from prison, Mr. H moved to Las Vegas, NV and began playing guitar for Lynn Stewart. In 1962, Mr. signed a record deal with Tally Records and recorded 5 songs. In 1965, he signed another record deal, but with Capitol Records and had his first number one song, ‘I’m a Lonesome Fugitive’. Mr. H and Mrs. H divorced in 1964, then in 1965 he married Bonnie Owens. She has been said to have played a vital role in shaping his music career. From 1967-1969 a rising interest in Mr. H, made his music popular and widespread. 1966, he was awarded Top Male Vocalist, 1969 he was awarded Album of the year, 1984 won a Grammy Award. Mr. H continued his music success into the

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