What Is Cooking With Tequila?

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Cooking with tequila is not traditional, but is becoming a more influential method of cooking. Pulque was the early ancestor of the mezcal drink the came from the maguey plant and its roots reach into prehistoric times. Tequila was first produced in the 16th century, created in the city of Tequila, officially established in 1666. Two basic types of categories of tequila Mixtos and 100% Agave. Mixtos use 49% agave with other sugars, glucose, and fructose. 100% Agave consists of Blanco or Plata, which is harsher with bold flavors while Reposado, anejo are smother. Blanco tequilas are more robust and their flavors are very strong while cooking. Also silver, is the perfect white spirit made from the finest blue agave. On the other hand, Reposado

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