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Food! Food! Food! What's more important than eating it? Ding, ding ding! Hopefully you guessed it but it is eating it.When I was doing research I found Huffington Post which reveals that 28% of Americans can't cook. I, unbelievably was once part of that percentile. Cooking really seemed pointless to me. It was just something that my parents did that I dreaded waiting for them to be done with. I just believed that food was just something that would always be there . Now that I’m older I realized that that will not always be the case. Down below I explained just a couple of the advantages from being able to cook. Cooking didn’t seem important to me at all at first but once I realized the benefits such as choice in what I want to eat, saving money, and eating what I have a taste for that specific day.

Being able to cook allows me to eat at any time without waiting for someone to get up and make something. To be completely honest, in the morning if I wait for someone to cook 90% of the time no food would be made.On the weekends, when I wake up, I roll out of bed and one of the first things I think about, besides god and my family, is food. So having to wait for someone …show more content…

In the words of my parents”either eat what I cook or make your own food. So that’s exactly what I do. Other days I may not want to eat grits for breakfast but instead maybe leftovers from last nights dinner or make my own meal. I don’t know the exact reason for that’s choice but that’s is just how I feel that specific day. If I never learned to cook I would be in a world of trouble when it came to eating what I want when I want. I have the ability to stroll right into the kitchen and cook whatever I have a taste for that

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