What Is Going On With Frankie? : A Psychological Analysis Of Frankie And Alice

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What is Going on with Frankie? : A Psychological Disorder Analysis on Frankie and Alice Every person has experienced a time when they get lost in their thoughts and start to daydream in the middle of an action. You lose track of what’s going on around you. Our thoughts and experiences can become dissociative. Dissociative Disorders causes a disruption of identity and conscious awareness. People who suffer from Dissociative Identity Disorder, they develop two or more distinct identities. These identities form to deal with traumatic event, and to protect one’s sense of self. People who suffer DID experience periods of amnesia, and sometimes only one identity could be aware of the others. The identities can be a different gender, age, ethnic …show more content…

As they get to his apartment and start hooking up, she ends up stepping on a baby’s toy. She suddenly starts to hear the cries of a baby, so she starts looking around the apartment. As she’s doing that, she walks to a walks towards the crib and doesn’t see a baby. This causes her to have a headache, and this is when the switch of identities happens. She doesn’t want to be touched by Cliff. She ends up telling Cliff to “Take your nigger hands off me” and that “Frankie is not here “(Berry & Sax, 2010).Cliff tries to calm her down, not knowing she has DID, but that backfires. She tries to protect herself by hitting Cliff in the head with a photo frame. After that encounter, she flees and ends up fainting in the street. The police arrive at the screen and they take her into the hospital. When she awaken, she doesn’t remember anything that happened from the previous night. She meets Dr. Joseph Oswald, Dr. OZ in the film, and he’s one of the psychiatrist at the hospital. At first, the doctor assumes Frankie is a drug user, but Frankie says she doesn’t do anything, as she says “Frankie got rules, no smack, no blow, and no speed” (in text citation). So the doctor lets her go home, because she has no symptoms and cannot remember anything. After that incident, Frankie gets fired from her job because of what she did to Cliff. Frankie goes back to her ordinary life. But strange things

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