What Is Guantanamo Bay?

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What is Guantanamo Bay?
Guantanamo Bay is known for how they torture and interrogate terrorist, Guantanamo Bay is a military ran prison located at the Gitmo naval base in Cuba, Guantanamo Bay is also known as Gitmo. (The Editors of Encyclopædia Britannica, n.d.) Guantanamo Bay was constructed in different phases in two thousand and two. When it was first constructed it was used to house Muslims who were suspected of being terrorist and where captured by the U.S. in Afghanistan. Guantanamo was basically the place where the United States could put the people they captured and they thought was a threat to the nation. They put them there because they were not on the U.S. soul, and they were being watched by the United States Army and the Navy. So these prisoners are not being watched by your everyday corrections officer. The facility began with around seven hundred and seventy-nine prisoners when it first opened back in two thousand and two. (Norwood, 2016).
The prison later became a focus of not only a controversy in the United States that spread worldwide about how the detainees were being tortured while they were being held at Guantanamo. The violation was that the people there were being abused and tortured and this was against the legal rights of the detains under the Geneva Convention. The Geneva Convention is a law that was created in war time to help protect soldier back in World War II who were ship wrecked, wounded, or sick soldiers during war times. (Staff, 2007) But
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