What Is Internal Conflict In Uber

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Shareholders are individuals or organizations who own a share from the company and earn a part of the organization’s profit. In Uber, Benchmark Capital is one of the first investors of the organization and biggest shareholder with 13% shares in the company and 20 voting points which represents a high authority for decision making. However, an internal conflict between Benchmark Capital and Travis Kalanick, co-founder and ex-CEO of Uber wherein Benchmark is suing Kalanick due to fraud, breach of fiduciary duty and breach of contract by secreted decisive information regarding organization’s problems from the board in order to attain personal advantages. These issues were "Kalanick's participation Uber executive's alleged theft of …show more content…

(Etherington, 2017) Almost 70 Billion valuation that can easily attract more investors for more expansion.

Low resources needed- Uber don’t own any single cars or expansion to different cities needs less investments and infrastructures are not needed for expansion.

• Competitive pricing strategy- Uber fare is lower than Taxi which is create a rapid growth in the market. Moreover, Uber use a dynamic pricing strategy wherein prices varies depending on the current demand of the riders and it encourages the drivers to work in a busy hour due to a higher rate that can still maintain the quality of Uber service.

4.2 Weakness

• Uncontrollable service. Uber services relies to the behavior, action, and personality of the Uber drivers. They are the face of the company, where all of the drivers represents the brand of Uber and their interaction to the riders always varies and to set a standard service will be considered an realistic in this organization.

• Extremely dependent on Internet. Uber connects passengers and drivers through internet. Service is greatly affected if a poor or low connection is experienced in an area. (Algrain

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