Service Audit Report: Uber Service Management

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Uber is a global transportation technology company operating in more than 600 cities worldwide. It is a ridesharing service that can be accessed only though a mobile application. The company claims to provide the “easiest way” to get anywhere and anytime you want at low-cost (, 2017). Uber is one of the pioneers in the shared economy that has been very successful so far to attract and retain customers, both drivers and riders, despite protests and legal issues.
The goal of this Service Audit report is to identify how effectively Uber provides services and servicing. It also aims to analyze any service gaps in the context of the customer experience. A service audit from the “customer point of view” was conducted to examine this subject. …show more content…

However, it did also reveal some minor service gaps in terms of perceived values and delivered values, which are thoroughly discussed in the recommendations and action plan section of this report. Overall, this report reveals that a human centered approach is what warrants Uber their success and also offers some simple solutions to problems encountered during the service experience.

The objective of Uber Service Audit is a systematic and independent assessment of the outcomes and approaches of Uber’s services and servicing to identify potential service design and delivery issues and prompt possible improvements. The report will evaluate the effectiveness and efficiencies of Uber Netherlands, predominantly in Rotterdam city area, based on customer observations, apply relevant course materials to the assessment and the evaluation of the service encounters and experiences, and provide service audit analysis conclusions.
Considering the nature of the course, Uber Service Audit includes only the “view of the customer” perspective. The group of four students used Uber services for a week in Rotterdam city area,

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