What Is Kenna's Preference?

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Kenna’s album was given outside research firm to run test to see if his music was worth or not. After all, the result was extremely low that made the company come to believe that his music was not going to be popular.

2. Sensation transference is the claim that before people buy something from a store, they transfer their impression about the packaging of the product to the product itself. In the example of the Coke/Pepsi test, the Coke tried to work on a new flavor and test how people reacted with it. They launched a marketing campaign and asked people how they like new taste. The result was very well. The Coke put new recipe to the market. Unfortunately, the high testing score showed that people did not like the New Coke. In the example of the margarine/butter
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Researchers tested people’s preference for different brands of jam, and the results from non-food experts initially matched the results from food experts. Then they changed the test, and the results from non-food experts changed, but not the results from food experts. What was the change? Why did it change the results from non-food experts? Why did the results from food experts not change?
At first, college students just required to rank the jam according to the same criteria. Then they were asked to explain why they preferred the certain jam. The first result was very accurate. But then the researcher changed the way to ask, people have to explain the reasons why they preferred a certain jam, most people could not articulate their preference. Therefore, they were lost the ability to qualify the jam.
5. How does Gladwell apply the lessons from the examples in questions 2, 3, and 4 to explain what happened to Kenna?
Kenna music was different and new. The people think something new and not well-known are not good. They do not matched experiences in a certain field. This is the reason to explain what happened to Kenna; radio station would not played his music without proof that people like
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