What Is Listening Skills

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Opted skill: Listening skill(s)
Before we start off with the activities, we need to know what the word listening means. Harmer (2001, p.228) viewed listening as a fundamental language skill. “It provides the perfect opportunity to hear voices other than the teacher’s, enable students to acquire good speaking habits as a result of the spoken English they absorb, and helps to improve their own pronunciation”.
Learning of foreign language rely on four basic skills which can be classified into receptive and productive skills. Listening and reading comes under receptive whereas writing and speaking comes under productive. In language learning, out of the four skills, listening stands to be as one of the most important skill. It is also accounted as a Cinderella skill. Environment plays …show more content…

Number/ Word Bingo:
Playing bingo requires students to listen carefully. You can use either numbers or words that they have been learning. Creating the bingo sheets and words takes a bit of time but once done can be used with other classes, time and time again.
8. Be the boss:
Allow your child to be the boss while you play together for a set amount of time. Your child will tell you what to play and how to play. This is excellent to help you understand how your child views your parenting instruction, and it gives you an opportunity to model listening for your child.
9. Listen and act:
Put some animal toys in front of the child. Narrate some basic instructions about animal characters and what they are doing. Have your child listen and move the characters along to the story. 10. Put in order:
Write alphabets on flashcards and put them on the floor. Speak a word and then spell it like “Tap” “T” “A” “P”. Encourage the child to listen carefully and put the cards in order as you speak.
11. Show me the color game:
Make a dice shaped box and color each side with a different color. Now give it to the child and say where’s the red color? And the child will have to show it up like here it

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