What Is Mexico's Two-Party System?

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The United States has a two-party system, our two parties are the Republicans and the Democrats. Their are different party systems around the world for example, China has a one-party system, they either vote for that one person or don’t vote at all. In Mexico they have a multi-party system in which multiple political party exist and have a chance of leading the government, in this case it’s more complicated, they need a 50% or higher to determine if they won so in that case the parties reach out to other parties to add up the votes. A good example of a multi party system is Mexico whom have 6 parties. All these parties are a democracy which is a government run by people, each person has a say. I believe that a two party system helps the government by limiting the options, it's helpful because you don’t have to too many options like a multi-party …show more content…

Unlike one party systems like China where only the communist party are allowed to take part of the government and you are left with no say, but the U.S lets the people cast their votes at the polls. This gives the people the freedom of speech and lets them express their feelings and how they feel the government should take roll in the society.
In conclusion a two-party system helps the government as well as the people. It gives the people more freedom yet enough qualifying options to choose from. By limit the options there's less to study and examin from both parties, each party knows exactly what they're doing. Your voice is heard in a two party system you cast your own votes to the polls and you get to see for yourself that you're not being scammed. Too many options can confuse you and only one option won’t let your thoughts be heard. Two party system was made fair and easily

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