What Is My Vacation In Hawaii Essay

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Telling my friends about my upcoming vacation destination was unique to say the least. As soon as the sounds of “Ha” left my mouth, they all exploded with shouts of “No way!”. They even threw money at me to bring them home Hawaiian Stuff… this was a little odd, even for my friends. However, I gladly accepted their deposits and promised that I they would soon have some tropical fruit for them. After I confirmed that I was going to Hawaii with a photo of my boarding pass, they all burst out screaming “Lucky, I wish I was going there”. Although most people wait until the word Hawaii is said, most people’s reaction to the idea of the gorgeous, tropical island of Maui is pretty similar: pure excitement.
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After a measly hour, we discovered what made Hawaii’s culture amazing… simple living. Although everything cost a fortune in Hawaii, their “worry free” nature persists. Hawaiians are not materialistic, especially compared to the rest of America; they are much more focused on Earth’s nature. We were welcomed into their community when all people used the word “Aloha” expressing all welcoming words in one simple phrase. Random friends continued to run up to us and make sure we felt welcomed and had every things we needed for a pleasant time. Rather than just giving a one word response, we had sophisticated conversations with the natives there. We fell apart of their community. We were apart of their community.
During our stay in Maui, we assimilated to the culture! It was absolutely fantastic as we consumed the native fish of Mahi Mahi, wore shorts and traditional Hawaiian shirts, and even began using words in the Hawaiian language. I was so so wrong to even doubt this place. Although I was skeptical and nervous at first, the people here made it one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life. I will, going forward, consider myself a little Hawaiian for the rest of my

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