What Is Progressive Dental Management's Decision-Making Process?

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Progressive Dental is located in Clearwater Florida. It is a small, less than 50 people, marketing company that specializes in marketing for dentists. The building that Progressive Dental is currently located in, is a lease that includes all outside, electrical, and plumbing maintenance. There are approximately 38 employees, each with their own workstation. Most of the computers are connected via wifi, and the printers are connected to the server. The services that Progressive Dental currently provides includes video for testimonials, website building, continuing education credits, website hosting, search engine optimization, pay-per-click, and social media.


This document contains the Contingency Plan for Progressive Dental. It is intended to serve as the guidelines for the information, tasks, and procedures that would be necessary to facilitate the Progressive Dental management’s decision-making process and it’s prompt response to any interruption of the department’s normal business proceedings. This is important, if the cause of the interruption requires a resumption of operations that cannot be accomplished by normal operations. …show more content…

Therefore, it is essential that the information and action plans remain viable and be maintained. To that end, this introduction is intended to introduce and familiarize its readers with the organization of the plan.

It is incumbent upon every individual who receives the Progressive Dental Contingency Plan, or any parts thereof, to ensure that attention and resources are committed to the maintenance and security of the document and its contents.

Since the plan contains sensitive information, All of the contents of this document should be labeled, “Limited Official

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