What Is Running Time Essay

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Running is the passion of people as it reminds you even in your weakest moments that you are strong. Running keeps the person healthy and enhances the beauty of lifestyle but what’s the perfect time for running in the day?
Many of us has question in mind that ‘Is it true running in morning will provide more benefit as compared to running in evening?’
What researchers tell the people about running time?
The fact is that time you choose for running will also affect your health and sporting performance. The researchers in the world always looking towards solution that helps people to find out their perfect running time. The optimal time to exercise is when your body temperature is at its highest.
The fact is that your body has its own natural …show more content…

Sometimes you are unable to find time for running then you choose late evening for running. The fact is that exercise at late night will boost your heart rate and body temperature and stimulates your mind.
The advantage towards late night running is that you are less susceptible to bacteria and viruses because rates of hormone cortisol are falling.
Which time you should choose for running?
The benefits and negative terms associated with different time are mentioned above and you can select the time that suits with your office time. Running benefits you only when you have motivation towards your goal.
How to protect your body while running?
Running time matters a lot for the person health but one should need to keep care of his body while running. While you are running your skin is exposed to the elements and can prone to drying, flaking and skin burn or harmful toxins.
You should need to apply these tips while you are running to remain safe from any skin damage:
Always carry a bottle of water with you and remain hydrated
You should use light moisturizer and avoid heavy products
You should need to run bare face
You should either plan a shady route for running to remain safe from sun’s

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