What Is San Faca Essay

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The sunny days of summer have assuredly faded. On my end of the street, leaves transitioned from green to brown and now line sidewalks of all ethnicities, awaiting their fate along with discarded cigarette butts, animal fecal matter and a host of other unidentified entities. As the temperature changes, the weather, in a way, becomes as refreshing as a lager on a hot day and something about that change is rewarding.

Here in San Francisco, even during this time of fleece leggings and puffy jackets, warm days periodically emerge like lovesick ex-significant others. Gusts of cold winds support the idea of a change of season with those random warm days providing a much-needed form of distraction from reality. San Francisco's weather is …show more content…

This duality makes for good memories, frequent beach visits, arbitrary flooding, traffic, and sometimes school closures - particularly when those hurricanes stop by to say hello.

As a child of the sun, growing up in the Caribbean meant rampant squinting. Countless childhood images show peculiar facial expressions as a means of trying to look decent while the sun shone blindly into disinclined eyes. As a result, the constant questioning of the need for picture-taking, in the sunlight, became habitual. What a silly girl some may say, but, when most of your childhood pictures look odd because of an odd facial expression, then you too may find yourself questioning the need as well. Throughout childhood and early adulthood, these eccentric facial expressions remained constant. As an adult, the frequency of squinting in photographs gradually got better. The difference? A newfound understanding of how to evade the power of the sun when being photographed outdoors and the purchase of my first pair of glasses.

Scrolling through old newspaper clippings, I stumble upon a newspaper clipping with an image from my days as a delegate in the Miss Trinidad and Tobago pageant and one tainted by squinting.

As delegates for the Miss World Trinidad and Tobago pageant, immersion in all sorts of pre-pageant preparations and events became a natural part of life. Packed schedules

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