What Is Saudi Arabia

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Water and Oil Saudi Arabia, is an oil-dependent country bordering, several countries, and two sources of salt water Saudi Arabia makes the majority of its revenue in oil due to its abundance, but one resource that it lacks is water. Its struggle for fresh, drinkable water is astounding. Long before they started farming according to National Geographic “ There were a staggering 120 miles (500 cubic kilometers) of usable fresh water underneath the Saudi Desert.” Since they started using that water in recent years, they have used 5 cubic miles of water annually to support their farming and livestock endeavors. The Saudis have a long-term goal of being able to feed themselves instead of importing farm goods from other nations. Experts …show more content…

The seawater used in most plants contain high amounts of two chemicals, called boron and bromide, and the process can also remove minerals like calcium. Also when they finished processing the salt out of the water, they put the salt left over back into the ocean, which the salinity affects the oceans environments. So, there are disadvantages and advantages to during the process, and there are even worse consequences if they run out of water. Concerns with the large amount of desalination plants in the Middle East focus on the improper dependency they will cause, instead of encouraging alternate forms of water and energy and conserving freshwater. Though they are lacking water, they have one resource they won't run out of for a while. Saudi Arabia has so much oil, they are the second largest in the world when it comes to oil reserves, with 268 billion barrels. They have capitalized on this and Saudi Aramco have a value of ten trillion US dollars. OPEC officials have stated that they pump twelve point five million barrels a day. Many find this hard to believe. The first reason is that, if they can really produce 12.5m a day then why haven't they done that yet. The second reason is that if they produced more than they would crush the other competition. Oil is very important to Saudi Arabia, oil makes up forty-five percent of their gross domestic product(GDP). Saudi Arabia is in a group called OPEC which has to do with oil. OPEC has twelve active members,

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