What Is Savannah: America's Most Haunted City

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Elegant live oak tree branches drape over cobblestone streets, and the air is damp with salt. Pedestrians stroll along the streets, pausing for a chit-chat with fellow citizens. The pace is a little slower in the low-country. Savannah is rich in history with a past of war and slavery. Halloween here will have some of the most mystical-yet-gorgeous ghost rides of your life; Savannah is “America’s Most Haunted City.” It seems that ghosts linger about their homes when disaster grips them from their mortal lives too soon. Spirits meander about the city whose bodies burned to ash during one of the two blazing fires in 1796 and 1820, or sickened to death by the yellow fever in 1820, or taken during the American Revolutionary War. There is no doubt

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