Serial Murder Definition Essay

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What is serial murderer? It is difficult to define the term ‘serial murder’ due to the complexity and the diversity of the phenomenon, ‘the term remains elusive, ambiguous and amorphous’ in the literature, there is a suggestive trend towards the ‘achievement of a standardised definition’, yet going through current research and legal definitions of serial murder revealed ‘some discrepancies in how the term is defined’ the reason why this occurs is due to the practice of authors using various term interchangeably. There is not just one definition for defining serial murders however most definition claim that a serial murdered is an individual who has murdered three or more victims who were unknown to him/her and that there is generally a …show more content…

Psychogenic motivation is fundamental in nature, it also says that murder is a product of the individual’s psychological characteristics, whereas the sociogenic motives are motives that can be explained on the basis that the individual realises that their social interaction is below their desired levels. Psychogenic motivations could occur from the impact of failed attachments between infants and their mothers which is crucial as it’s the infants first emotional contact, if the mother is unresponsive it creates a steady state of painful anxiety for the child it also would cause the development of uncontrolled aggression, to reduce the anxiety children would engage activities that would provide pleasure independent of the mothers services, a traumatic childhood has an intense impact of the physical and mental well-being of the individual as an adult, depending on the trauma or lack of having a positive relationship with care-givers it most likely affects the child when they are an adult, they are unable to form relationship with other and would blame the lack of them having a positive relationship when they were younger and may even become resentful of this, this may then motivate them and the murders begin?, ‘Serial murderers are frequently found to have

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