What Is Social Media?

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What is Social Media?
In the 2010 book, Social Media for Trainers, Jane Bozarth defines social media as referring to material produced online by individuals and “the public,” distinctive from “content produced by professional writers, journalists, or generated by the industrial or mass media” (p. 11). Blogs, Facebook, YouTube, Wikipedia, Twitter, LinkedIn, and TeacherTube are a few of examples of social media technologies Bozarth discusses that “the public” could utilize to produce social media. Each social technology lends itself to a different purpose and the creation of different types of social media; for example, Facebook lends itself to the creation of communities, while Wikipedia lends itself to collaborative projects and knowledge sharing (p. 53 & 109).
Historically, Bozarth claims social media and social media technologies are an “outgrowth of the concept of Web 2.0” (p. 11). In contrast to Web 1.0, Web 2.0 technologies allow everyone and anyone (not just programmers) to create content on the web, in a “dynamic, non-hierarchical” environment, that can be “constantly updated” (p. 12). Knowledge of programming and graphic design, special software, and access to a server are no longer necessary to develop online content as they were in the Web 1.0 environment (p. 11). Bozarth argues that social media and Web 2.0 technologies have provided a simple, empowering, and democratic way for users to create and share content and connect with people across the “barriers of time…
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