What Is Soul Surfer

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Zinsser gave great advice to memoir writers. Soul Surfer a memoir about a girl who lost her arm to a shark. She does and doesn’t follow Zinsser’s advice, “Be yourself, speak freely, tell your story,” (Zinsser 2, 4, 6) Be yourself is implied by Soul Surfer on page 133 “I believe in god…” And how she believed in him for all her life and how it is. “I remember thinking, “Why is the ambulance taking so long…”” (Soul surfer, 78). This implies that this is from an older perspective. Speak freely is also in the book. On page 35,”…you kind of have to learn to hold your own” with her brothers she dose claim some mean words sort of the times. And on page 105 is, “…listen I know my surfing days are over…” means she understands that she might never

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