What Is Starbucks Vacantine's Day Mystery Menu

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Starbucks is making the love month even sweeter for caffeine lovers with its Valentine’s Day secret menu, which consists of three new kinds of frappes.
Arizona-based Starbucks employee Tony Aguilar concocted three Valentine’s Day-themed frappes and posted them on Reddit. While he did not expect his frappuccino inventions to become a hit, the new popular recipes are already making February even sweeter for coffee lovers, according to Australia Network.
“I was actually surprised with how popular they became,” Aguilar told Cosmopolitan in an interview.
Starbucks’s Valentine’s Day secret menu includes the Valentine Frappuccino, the Love Bean Frappuccino, and the Java Berry Frappuccino, the report details.
The Valentine Frappuccino is actually a

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