What Is The Effect Of The Greenhouse Effect

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The human population is increasing and so is the amount of food we consume; each year food consumption increases 0.5% per person and less than half of the global grain we produce, is directly consumed by humans, this is because the rest goes to feed farm animals. However, factory farms are using more than they can produce, considering the fact that animals are being fed 6 kg of plant protein and in return are only producing 1 kg of animal protein, this also means other people are getting less food. With the human population increasing farmers must grow crops to meet the rising food demand. However, to increase the number of crops produced we need more farmland, which can lead to deforestation and animal habitats being cut down or burnt. So far 38% of the world is covered by farmland, and the area is still expanding. Each year, 12 million hectares of land is lost to deforestation and it is predicted in 2050 more than 120 million hectares of natural habitat in developing countries will be covered in farmland, to meet the food demand. When deforestation is done to create new agricultural land, the crops that replace the trees also act as a carbon sink, but they are not as effective as forests. More Deforestation effect***** Greenhouse effect: The greenhouse effect occurs from various gasses throughout the world, which are called greenhouse gasses. Most of the greenhouse gasses are natural. The greenhouse gasses absorb infrared radiation from the sun and traps the heat

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