What Is The Four Way Test Essay

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When I heard about the four way test I got this feeling like wanting to do it, but I was wondering “if” and “then”. If I do it then what was going to be my topic? I couldn’t think of one, so I went to a friend for help and his answer to my question was, if you’re willing to get in the contest, find a topic that you want to talk about or something that you can relate to. I started looking for a topic and when I was at school I saw something - I saw that everyone was separated in their own groups of friends, and I asked myself why can’t that kid sitting alone by himself fit in with the other kids? And I thought to myself it has always been this way since I came to this school, but what is it that is bothering me? And I got this feeling of wanting to do something about it. so I decided to talk about labels.
In the four way test we merge into the speech four very important questions, which are as follow: Is it the truth? Is it fair to all concerned? Will it build goodwill and better friendships? And will it be beneficial to all concerned? Is it the truth? Can a label describe a person’s life, personality and feelings? Could you really tell that you know someone just by …show more content…

I believe that labels can be beneficial in some cases, but in most cases it is not. So if we can change the way we use labels, everyone will benefit by no more discrimination, which will allow students to have no barriers on believing in what they can do professionally, so let’s stand up and make a difference we can start by treating others the way that we want to be treated. I don’t have faith in labels, but I have faith in people. And I believe that if we come together, united we could change the way labels are being used. Because, as of now, no one benefits. But if we can change that, kids and teenagers will benefit the most. and now I will end by asking a question: Imagine if you were not given a label, what would you chose to be? Thanks for your

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