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2A The Inquiry Question What is you inquiry question and how does it relate to the improved learning of your students? Standards 1.1, 1.2, 1.5, 1.6, 3.3 My question for Inquiry is: How can I differentiate Mathematics in order to support and extend students?’ By differentiating the Numeracy Program, all students’ needs will be targeted by exposing students to outcomes and activities, which are achievable and challenging for students. The focus learning area for each lesson and group of learners will be tailored to suit the individual learning needs of the students as will the set tasks associated with the learning focus. Students will be supported by the class teacher and the strategies put in place within each lesson. The purpose of…show more content…
• In the multiplication game, the better students with greater number fact recall where able to stay in the game longer thus getting more practice than their peers who were not as fluent • Does this style of game punish those students not as fluent in number facts • The random nature of the sums may not be challenging enough or far too challenging for others • How is progress recorded An alternative I have used in my class in delivered via student I-Pads, and awards points via speed and accuracy. In addition, unlike the above mentioned game, no student is expelled from playing/learning using my tool, and because each student has a log in, I am able to export the data at any time to have use as both an assessment tool and a further method to design future differentiated classes. As such I believe observing what is a traditional math game, the delivery method I use with the reporting capabilities and its inclusive nature means I am able to improve my own best practice from observations from my peers as reinforcement for
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