What Is The Learning Goal You Have Identified For Your Students?

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What is the learning goal you have identified for your students?
To help students understand the many roles and facts of Lincoln and Washington, and brainstorm of what they would want to do as president.

What state adopted academic or content standard(s) are you addressing? (Provide the name of the standards document, the grade level, the correct numerical citation, and the text of the standard(s) you select.)
Mn K-12 Academic Standards Social Studies. 1st grade. Identify the president of the United States; explain that voting determines who will be president.

What is your objective(s) for this lesson? Identify what the students will be able to do following Instruction. Include an action verb (observable behavior), and criteria for success.
1st grade students will identify 1 fact about George Washington and 1 fact about Abraham Lincoln on the top of the worksheet and create 3 complete sentences explaining what they would do if they were president on the bottom of the worksheet given.

Continuity of Lessons: Describe your lesson sequence. How do the prior and subsequent lessons affect what you will be teaching and what you will be expecting students to do? How will you build on what students have learned in previous lessons and use what they know to support them in meeting expectations of the next lesson? How have you made use of student assessment from previous lessons to make and

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