Explicit Introduction Of Strategy: Engaging Students In Learning

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In order to have a successful mini lesson it is imperative that all its components are represent and developed in a clear and structured manner. In this mini lesson, all the components were present and for the most part they were developed clearly and well structured.
The Motivation, in this lesson was considerable short the teacher made few questions, but I think that it helped fantastically in setting the mood and pace for the rest of the lesson. I liked that she leaded the students to connect their feelings with those of the main character before she even started the read aloud. If I were to change something in the motivation component, it would be the time frame between her question and the students answer; I would give the student a little more of time to process the question and develop their answer. This would help no only main stream students but also ELL students, to feel more interested in the reading to come.
The Explicit Introduction of Strategy, is one of the components that I think needed some more elaboration. The teacher should have explained what did it means to make “inferences” no them the synonym “imagine”; it would have been …show more content…

This level is reserved for lessons that demonstrates the following, “In the clips, students are engaged in learning tasks that integrate their understandings of requisite skills and the essential literacy strategy for comprehending or composing text… Candidate links both prior academic learning and personal, cultural, or community assets to new learning.” As seen in the lesson clip, the teacher deliver the inference strategy integrating it in the read aloud. Also, through the course of the lesson, she is constantly encouraging the students to make connections between the experiences of the main character of the story and their real-life

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