What Is The Overview Of The Singapore Airlines Case Study

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The overview of the Singapore Airlines case study demonstrates that airlines is identified as one of the successful carriers. It is known as the most profitable airline company in the world (Airline Industry Profile, 2016). The Singapore Airlines strategy to reorganization of the company’s infrastructure and the incorporation of the new services targeting on the satisfaction of the customer services, moved the company to the leading place among the airlines services. The analysis of the Singapore Airlines case may offer the clarification to the Banner Healthcare organization methodology of the successful management system within the company. The Banner Healthcare system of the Phoenix, Arizona is known as one of the biggest non-profit …show more content…

The information governance program applies to the following departments: data governance, privacy policies, security, legal policies, management of information technology department (Meehan, 2017). The Banner health system is identified as the leader in the use of electronic records. The use of an electronic medical records of lab reports, test imaging, physician and nurses’ notes, patient’s medical history is available to the health providers to provide better care for the patients. The Banner organization’s technology use is beyond the accepted. Few systems that help to enhance the patients’ safety and improving the outcomes are: PowerNote and Clindoc (the documentation system that updated in a real-time); PharmNet (advance pharmacy system of the chemotherapy); and Banner iCare Intensive Care program (remote monitoring system by physician and nurse 24 hours a day) (banner health, n.d.). The Banner’s Strategic Plan of network growth. When the Banner Health system was established in 1991, it included about 22,500 employees, and two thousand eight hundred eighty-two beds. Today the system serves in six states and has increased employees rate up to 50,000. The goal of the organization to increase the number of the clinics, and centers; increase the hospitals beds; equip all the facilities with electronic medical records system; and enhance the safety and quality of the care. The Banners networking is diverse

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