What Is The Plot Of Forrest Gump

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By: Thea Sofie

Forrest Gump is an American film from 1994, directed by Robert Zemeckis. The film is based on the novel of Winston Groom, the book is from 1986. The main actor, Forrest Gump, is played by Tom Hanks. It is a drama and comedy film.

Main actors

Forrest Gump: Tom Hanks (adult Gump) and Michael Conner Humphreys (child Gump)

Jenny Curran: Robin Wright (adult Curren) Hanna R. Hall (child Curren)

Lieutenant Dan Taylor: Gary Sinise

Mrs. Gump: Sally Field

Forrest Gump junior: Haley Joel Osment

Privat Benjamin (Bubba): Mykelti Williamson

Summary of the plot

The plot is about a man, Forrest Gump, who is supposed to meet up with his old bestfriend, Jenny Curran. When he is waiting for the bus, he sits on a bench
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He just get going. Forrest got through college on a scholarship for American football, he didn't really understand the game, but he could ran. After college he joined the army there he met a man on the bus, he was called, Bubba. When Forrest got on the bus no one wanted to sit whit him accepted Bubba. They were send to the Vietnam war, and one time when the troupe was on an mission they got at acted. It was a lot of shots fired and bombs, Forrest remembered what Jenny had said to him it was:” Run Forrest run.” So he did, but when he got back to where it was safe Bubba was nowhere to be find. And he ran back to get him, but other people screamed at him:” Forrest, help me!” Forrest saved many peoples, but bubba was so hurt that he didn't…show more content…
The film starts with a feather flying past Forrest Gump when he sits on the bench. Forrest Gump sits on the bench because ha was waiting for the bus, and it came one person after the other. Han to those he told is life story.

What is the most exciting part of the film?

The most exciting part of the film is: When Forrest Gump gets shot in the ass under attack in the Vietnam war, and when he is at the hospital and learns how to play ping pong. And he became very good, he was one of the first person that went to China. He was so good that when he came back he met president Nixon.

How does the film end

The film ended when Forrest met Jenny and he brought her home to Alabama, one night they had sex and Jenny ran away the same night. Forrest had gotten some running shoes, and he put them on and started to run. He spend three years of his life to run around in USA. He came on TV, and Jenny saw him and wrote him a letter. When Forrest came to Jenny's house and when hi came inside, it came a little boy. He was Jenny's son, his name was Forrest Gump jr. Forrest Gump brought Jenny and Forrest Gump jr. home to
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