What Is The Theme Of The Poison Tree

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The poison tree was a story about a straight A, naïve and dull college girl who tried to go out of her comfort zone. Karen is always the good girl until she became college. She met Biba who is very opposite to her. Biba is a “go with the flow” kind of girl. Karen decided to go with Biba and live with her and his brother Rex who became the love interest of Karen. Drugs, liquor, cigarette and sex flowed when Karen and Rex started their relationship. Karen thought that she already found the love and freedom that she wants until the summer came into a bloody end. Just like any other couple, their relationship went through trial, Rex was accused by Biba for killing her boyfriend where in fact Biba was the one who murdered his own boyfriend. Karen …show more content…

Karen Clarke is a straight A kind of student whose intelligence is at war with her feelings of social inadequacy. Her life was very boring, she was only able to go out of her comfort zone when she entered college. As the story goes on Karen showed that she’s a kind of woman who has everything to lose and how far a woman will go for what she loves most. Biba Capel is very opposite to Karen, Biba is a “go with the flow” kind of girl. She is addicted to cigarettes, drugs and liquor. Unlike Karen, Biba is a stone hearted woman to the point that she lets his brother go to jail for the crime that she committed, she’s a kind of girl that is physically happy, enjoying and cool but deep inside she is emotionally and mentally drained, suffering and drowning. Rex Capel is the brother of Biba and boyfriend of Karen. Just like Biba, Rex is also addicted to vices who depends on her sister. He’s the kind of brother who is always there for her sister, a brother who is ready to sacrifice everything even owning a crime that he didn’t commit. He’s a kind of lover who makes Karen feel very special in his own special ways. He loves Karen very much, I can see Rex as a bad guy with a good and martyr heart. And lastly, Alice. She is the daughter of Biba. She didn’t know about her real mother because Karen was the one who raised her and supported her not just financially but also emotionally, …show more content…

There are instances that you will find freedom and happiness on the things that you taught that will be good for you but will only destroy you. It will never always be about fantasies and happy endings nor easy things and easy love. There is no such thing as easy when it comes to love. It taught me how true love is always dependent to sacrificing things whether its big or small sacrifice. Say for example, when you truly love a person you will always try to make them happy even if you’re not, you will always try to understand them even if you’re already having a hard time, you will always make time for them even if you’re loaded with bunch of works just to make them feel important, you will always be willing to listen to them even if you’re hurting, you will always choose what’s best for them even if it’s hard for you. That simple things are already called sacrifice. Choosing what’s best for them over what’s best for you. The only tricky thing about discovering outside your comfort zone is choosing the best things and people that is worth of your

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