What Is The Viability Of A Future Business?

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It is the purpose of this paper to analyze the viability of a future projected business, which consists in the foundation of a computer sales and services company called "CSGlobal", this name stands for “computer services global”, and will be in the city of Miami. This business idea arises for the need of complimentary services that the city lacks to provide at certain days of the week and late hours, besides to offer computer solutions for small, medium-sized companies and home consumers. The idea of this business plan is to run a company that is primary dedicated to security, sales, virtualization, web development, services, repair and maintenance of computers and systems. The justification for this business idea is based on the …show more content…

From a long time ago, companies were worried about their visibility on the internet, sales, profits, and, in isolated cases, by security concerns regarding breaches on their networks or hackers steeling important data. The last 5 or 6 years have been plagued from ransomware, viruses, malware and all kind of malicious software, take as example identity theft breaches from 2013 to 2017, according to the specialized website the statistics show more than 15% in growth (58.78% in 2013, 73.05% in 2017) as an average 59 records (Name, address, DOB, SSN, credit card number) are stolen every second in the world, making a total of more than 5 million stolen records in a lapse of a single day. On the other hand, ransomware has become the jewel of the crown in an information technology threatening world, with two “popular” variances on top -cryptowall and cryptolocker – encrypting the whole content of the user’s hard drive in a way that is impossible to get your data back unless you pay a ransom in digital currency such as Bitcoins or Ukash, amounts that can range from $300 to several thousand dollars, to this day it is almost impossible to recover the encrypted files without paying the money, unless you keep a copy of your data somewhere

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