What Is The Word Of God?

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In today’s world, religion is a very “sensitive” subject because there 's so many different understandings. Religion is such a broad spectrum and the main issue people have is not knowing what it all means. The first part of this course was God’s Word and how it is split into three subcategories; the personal, spoken, and written word. These are great ways to break God’s Word down and try to understand. There is also three main questions relating to the word as a whole; who/what is the word, how is the word given, and why does it matter?
First I will tackle the question of who/ what is the Word of God? The answer would be Jesus. When talking about the personal word, Matthew’s Gospel is a great reference. The first part of the gospel is …show more content…

This is where Jesus reminds us to let him have our fears and anxieties and he will provide for us. This leads into “If anyone come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me” because Jesus invites us to pick up our crosses and follow him so he can provide for us. The gospel ends with Jesus rising after his ultimate humiliation for not proving to everyone he was indeed Jesus Christ, the Son of God. After his resurrection, it is said “And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age” (The Bible) because He is with us no matter what happens. Matthew’s Gospel is a beautiful place to understand who the Word of God is because it brings us through Jesus’ life and death. However, there are so many amazing ways to receive the word of God and to understand more about how the Word of God works.
How do we receive the Word of God and how do we use it? Something that we have had in this world for a very long time is rules or laws. Rules/laws are a way for our world to avoid chaos as much as possible. They also give us structure and limits on things we can and can’t do. This relates to the Word of God because He gave us rules and laws to follow too. As mentioned in the book Law and Gospel, there are Big “L” laws and Little “l” laws. Big L laws are God’s laws while little l laws are society’s laws. When the book discusses the ten commandments it says, “This law is the center of ethics for Christians, and people

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