What Is Website Analytics And Conversion Options

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Website Analytics and Conversion Options
The initial planning done when contemplating website design is critical to its eventual success or failure. Goals, events, and key performance indicators are all factors that must be considered when contemplating the design of a website. The eventual success of a business could rely on getting these three factors right initially.
Goals are defined by the textbook as “an action that results in revenue for the company” ("eMarketing: Online Marketing Essentials," 2012, p. 354). Notwithstanding, goals provide the focus that must be the driving force behind the creation of the website in question. Ultimately, the goals of every business contain a common element, to drive the customer to complete an …show more content…

The third event occurs when the visitor makes their selection. The fourth and final event is the act of exchanging funds between the two parties, that being the visitor and the website. Notwithstanding, a business can expect to see less and less traffic at each event as there are more visitors engaging in the first event than in the fourth. Keeping with our bookstore example, the first event involves the visitor searching for the title of a book they would like to buy. The next event occurs when the visitor lands on our site, realizing that it is in stock and may be shipped to their location. The following event occurs when the visitor clicks on the “add to cart” button, having made their selection. The final event occurs when the visitor enters their information into the website, thereby completing the sale through an exchange of funds.
Key performance Indicators (KPI) are defined by the textbook as “indicators that the Web site’s goals are being met” ("eMarketing: Online Marketing Essentials," 2012, p. 356). While this may sound similar to events, the distinction is important. Events are steps taken towards a goal, while KPIs are the analysis of how these goals are being satisfied. There are many online tools that one may use to evaluate a website using KPIs. Since KPIs involve the analysis of factors that a business may alter to ultimately result in the attainment of their goals, action

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