What It Means To Achieve Your Own Desired Accomplishments

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To be successful means to achieve your own desired accomplishments, which is known to be easier said then done. Some of my desired accomplishments that I want to achieve in life is to "make my mark on earth" ,become a legend and an example to others, I want goals on my list to be crossed off, want to over come any adversities that come my way.

In 30 years I will be 47 years old, in order for me to consider my self successful at 47 is if I am world wide famous for having one of the top pharmaceutical companies in the world, living happily in a beautiful home in the suburbs. Throughout my life I plan on serving my purpose on earth , "Making my mark". I believe my purpose in life is to help others in need, the way I want to achieve that is through medicine which is the reason I want to become a pharmacist and a Chief Executive Officer of my own pharmaceutical company. In order to reach my purpose in life I need to perform goals on my list. Some goals I want to achieve is earning my Pharmacy Technician Certification and high school diploma at the age of eighteen years old.

After high school I want to go to Howard University and earn a Bachelors of Science and become a Howard Alumni within four years. After I receive my bachelors, I will attend school for an …show more content…

A pharmaceutical company is a commercial business licensed to research, develop, market and/or distribute drugs, most commonly in the context of healthcare, they can deal in generic and/or brand medications. This may be a long process but I am determined to achieve my final and overall career goal. When I start my own Pharmaceutical Company I want to be working over scientist, other pharmacist, pharmacy technicians, doctors etc. While being CEO I will also still be working, I want to be partnered with different hospitals, and other pharmaceutical companies across the

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